About: popi&hafner

New Places, New Projects


Welcome to my new project. I am very excited to share with you my path throughout fashion, which has always been my passion.

I created popi&hafner in 2011 in Madrid. The brand included a collection of clothing for women that could be worn for every occasion. Color and textures is where everything began. I was 25 years old and eager to jump into the world of fashion!

The next year, I opened my first store in Madrid, a small boutique in a very avant-garde neighborhood (Barrio de Las Letras), where I enjoyed meeting many people that were looking for special and unique pieces over the years. This boutique taught me many things along the way...




In 2019 live brought me to Miami with my family. A new personal endeavor that brought the previous stage to a close, and provided and exciting new horizon in this city, that I find to be pure inspiration!

And we are finally here, 2020, where I decide to relaunch the brand with a new focus. Now popi&hafner is dedicated to the beautiful world of jewelry.

I have always believed that accessories make the look and this is why popi&hafner will offer accesible trend setting jewelry for every woman and for every occasion.

I am so happy you are here and hope that you find a gorgeous piece.

Make each moment count and turn it into something special.